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About me!

Hello. My name is Verity and I love to travel. Seriously. This blog is my way of getting to think about travel all the time even if I am not actually out there. I also aspire to be a travel writer so this is good writing practice. And if I can make you laugh or give you some inspiration for your own travels then all the better.

This is me!

This is me!

I am a 28 year old Australian who has spent the last five years living in Stockholm, Sweden. Yes, I am a love refugee, still happily in love with my Swedish boy almost six years in. I’ve just finished a PhD in geology where I have been staring at a single crystal of salt for too long to even speak of. In the words of my supervisor it’s time to look up at the world around me again. So I’m taking a 3 month trip across the USA starting in New York, ending in Los Angeles (coast to coast) before moving back to Australia.

Random stuff about me:

  • I also write a very nerdy fantasy/medieval blog using pictures from the game The Sims2
  • I absolutely adore cats but not such a big fan of dogs
  • I bellydance and recently started African dancing. My goal is to one day bellydance with a live snake
  • I love volcanoes – no bigger rush than standing on the crater of an erupting volcano
  • My favourite TV show is Survivor. I like to say that I watch it for the psychology aspect, but really I think I just like seeing people who are dirty, hungry, angry and getting bitten by bugs
  • I like to visit cemeteries, crypts and caves. Anything remotely creepy

  • I really like to watch scary movies but sometimes it means I can’t sleep for a month afterwards
  • I licked the wall in the salt mines in Salzburg
  • I used to play Dungeons and Dragons a lot and would still if I had anyone to play with
  • My favourite movies are He Died with a Felaffel in his Hand and The Princess Bride
  • I find people who wear glasses less threatening
  • I want to visit every country in the world
  • I have extremely small feet
  • I collect rocks and Wolverine memorabilia
  • I think the world is full of friends I haven’t met yet
  • My favourite books are Snow Falling on Cedars and Catch-22
  • When I was little I wanted to be a magician when I grew up
  • I love wine gums. Love them. I could eat a whole packet in one sitting
  • I think eyeballs are the grossest thing ever! I wear glasses because the thought of contact lenses freaks me out
  • I take photos of everything I eat when I go traveling
  • I like smoking cigars and drinking whisky
  • I am a total klutz. I am always covered in bruises
  • I love Icelandic music. Sigur Rós is my favourite band
  • I don’t mind making a complete fool of myself if it makes someone laugh


  1. Tara says:

    I love your site! Your photos are great as well. Thanks so much for the comments you left me. It is nice to know there are people out there that see things similarly to you. I love Australia! I would really like to move there actually. How do you like Sweden up to now?

  2. Verity says:

    Thanks very much Tara! I am always looking for kindred travel-tortured spirits too :).

    I miss Australia so much! I am heading home for three months later this year and I am really looking forward to it. Sweden is a mixed bag for me. Some things about I just love, particularly having the experience of living in a place with such defined seasons. I really love the snow (although I am looking forward to spring now… it has been a long winter :). I also love living in such an old city. That is a totally different experience to living in Sydney which just doesn’t have that kind of history. Sometimes though, I do find the culture a bit difficult. I am the kind of person who likes to make lots of friends and if I meet the right people that can be very quickly. But here, it is difficult to make friends quickly. That being said, I have made some awesome friends here, it just took a lot longer, but I know we will be friends for life. It is also a bit difficult because I tend to say too much about myself all the time and people are quite reserved so often I say something and wait for the person I am talking to share back… it doesn’t happen and things are just awkward.

    It is pretty awesome to have this experience of living overseas though. I really feel grateful for that.

    Anyway, enough with the essay comment reply :) I should probably try and get some work done!

  3. aldo says:

    Hey Verity,

    I work with the cheapoair travel blog (cheapoair.wordpress.com) and we’re interested in having you guest blog for us.

    Please contact me if you’re interested.



  4. Hey Verity – just clicked across here after meeting you on #TNI and hey, whaddaya know? You’re studying Geology.

    Exactly what I studied, ‘cept I stopped at an MSc and tossed in the corporate towel a few years back.

    Great blog! Love the pics – can’t wait to read more and chat more about travel, geology and volcanoes!

  5. Verity says:

    Hi Clare! I just read your tweet asking what I did and then came over here. So now I guess you know doubly :).

    That is very cool that you also did Geology. Right now I’m wishing I had stopped before the PhD too but it’s only because I am in the cruddy runup to the finish (all I want to do is blog and I am working almost all the time… at least I am watching The Amazing Race right now while I make figures *sigh*). Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog. I was thinking about writing some more geology specific posts for people who want to know a bit more about the places they go, so watch out for those.

  6. Lili says:

    Hi Verity! I´m at work now, reading your blog :) Do you remember we talked about using your blog in my English lessons? I love the idea of introducing you to my students! you’ll have lots of young readers very soon:)Take care!

  7. Verity says:

    Hi Lili! I didn’t forget, I have been meaning to get back to you about that but things have been so disastrously busy. It would be very cool to meet your students. I won’t be back in Sweden till November the 2nd though, but after that I should have some time.

  8. Joel says:

    Hi Vernity.
    I live in Stockholm 14 years old and are going away this winter and I want a killer vacation but I don´t know where to go.
    I have been thinking about morocco, south Africa, turkey and brassily. I really need a awesome trip because I spend my whole summer on hospital or in a wheelchair.
    Pleas answer me I really need help

  9. Verity says:

    Hi Joel! Oh no, it sounds like you had a really miserable summer. I hope you are better now. It sounds like you definitely need to get away from the approaching winter and go somewhere sunny.

    Of those places (actually Brassily? is that the Swedish word for a country… I’m not sure the translation… Brazil?) I have only been to Turkey. I really, really love Turkey… it is the most beautiful place, lots of good food and amazing sites. It is one of my top 5 countries, maybe even top 3. I would definitely recommend going there and you can get pretty cheap flights from Stockholm if you book early enough. I use this website:


    to book flights (at the moment they have flights in November to Istanbul for 821). They are pretty good at finding cheap flights (although if you want to find the cheapest from budget airlines http://www.whichbudget.com is very good… it gives a list of all the budget airlines that fly from your city). If you do decide to go to Turkey make sure to visit Cappadocia. It is an amazing place.

    The other places, both Morocco and South Africa are places I desperately want to visit. I hear they are both very wonderful. My cousin recently visited Morocco and she loved it and one of my best friends lives in Cape Town, South Africa and says it is a very special country. I’m actually planning to visit there next year.

    I hope this helps a bit, please ask if you have any more questions… I love answering them :). Good luck with your travels!!

  10. johnny says:

    sweden is an awesome country, it’s v cool u study there =)

    anyways, would u be interested in link exchanging my site? http://onestep4ward.com

    email me back if you are =)


  11. last week i was here on your site from the link provided to me by my officemate. i didn’t read much then, coz im in a a bus on my way to my friends place. now i happen to blog hop again, wow your blog rocks. hope i could publish same quality on my site. keep it up.

  12. Verity says:

    It is pretty awesome Johhny… though sometimes I must admit that I wish the weather was a bit better. Like right now… November is the worst!

    Thanks Melanie… I’m glad you like it :).

  13. Erika Martin says:

    Hi Verity,

    I am Erika from TravelerVoice (www.travelervoice.com), a new social network for travel bloggers.

    Your blog is exactly the kind of writing we are looking for our Round the world section, please feel free to register at http://www.travelervoice.com/register ;)

    TravelerVoice’s team just launched a contest to reward the most outstanding travel blogs in the web.
    Please check it out at http://www.travelervoice.com/contest.aspx for further details.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you :)


  14. verity says:

    Hi Erika. Great, I’ll check it out then! Thanks for pointing me in your direction and I’m glad you like my blog :)

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