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Photos from week five: Orlando and Miami Beach

Orlando and Miami Beach, USA
July, 2011

The Magic Kingdom

Week five saw us heading south to Florida. We started in Orlando which was actually kind of a horrible place. We were staying downtown and it turned out that our hotel was right on the border between the okay part of town and the very very bad part of town where scary people shouted at us and followed us down the street. We escaped to the Magic Kingdom for a day getting thoroughly disneyed. The next day my contiki buddy Jeff was kind enough to drive us out to the Kennedy Space Center, which was wonderful (Disney world for nerds). After bidding Orlando goodbye we trained it down to Miami Beach for a bit of relaxation on the beach.

International House of Pancakes how I missed you

Orlando clouds

Hall of the Presidents aka the animotronic president show
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö

It's a small world after all... creepy
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö

Unfortunately not the real one

The Haunted Mansion

Disney exhaustion sets in

Cafe view

Cindarella's Castle by night

Kennedy Space Center rocket garden
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö

Trying to squeeze into a space capsule
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö


Rocket garden

Old rocket launch site
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö

Mecury Seven memorial

Rusting away: the old launch pad

Meeting up with my contiki buddy Jeff
Photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö

Cocoa beach

Miami Beach

Art Deco Miami Beach

Sunset at the beach

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  1. Sarah Wu says:

    Beautiful photos. I was just at Disney World like 2 weeks ago to celebrate my little sister’s birthday. It was so tired but we all had a blast. Hows your trip so far? Did you miss me? haha

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