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  1. Hey Verity,

    How are you doing these days? It sounds like you have some very exciting things to look forward to with your blog and travels. I’ve been back at home in recent weeks after a long journey. Some things are comforting and other things are annoying. Next week I’m off to Korea! How about you? What’s the next step?

    Anyhow, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. You’re a passionate traveller and it comes across in your blog entries.

    I have put your blog on my link section: http://nomadicsamuel.com/links & would be thrilled if you would include my blog on yours.

    Anyhow, best wishes with everything!



  2. verity says:

    Hi @Samuel! I’m really glad you like my blog. I totally know what you mean about coming home after a long trip. It’s pretty awful… the reverse culture shock. It’s nice to eat all the things you missed and meet your family and friends again, but I find it so difficult because often nothing has changed and my friends are still talking about the same things as when I left.

    Korea sounds awesome… I would love to go! For me, I will be in the US for another month, then heading to Tonga for two weeks. After that, who knows? I’m moving back to Australia so I guess I need to find a job before the money wears to thin.

    I checked out your blog and it looks great! Will definitely do a bit more reading when I have a moment. I’ve added it to my travel links section. Thanks for adding mine :)

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